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We have been helping companies and entrepreneurs for over 28 years. Our goal is not just to sell you new Macs, iPhones, iPads, and accessories but to simplify your work by assisting with the management and maintenance of your tech fleet. This will allow you to fully focus on achieving your main business objectives.
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Total cost of ownership (TCO) of Mac

In 3 years, you will sell Mac for 610$, while PCs for 137$

Reduce the need for additional software, antivirus, and additional components - everything is already built into your Apple devices.

Reduce the number of IT support requests and free up employees' time for new projects.

583 $
1 167 $
0 $
1 750 $
2 333 $
2 917 $
3 500 $



Device cost
Required software
Additional equipment
IT support
Power consumption

Based on data from companies surveyed in Forrester's Total Economic ImpactTM of Mac in Enterprise: M1 Update, published in July 2021. Companies should use their own assessments within the framework presented in the Forrester study to understand their own costs and time savings.

Total cost of ownership:

Calculation is indicative



Device cost

Required software

2 034$


1 368$


Additional equipment



Residual value

Additional IT management





Technical support



Power consumption


Savings over 3 years of using Mac






Employee loyalty

The most innovative companies use Macs. 84% of leading global innovators, such as Salesforce, SAP, and Target, deploy Macs on a large scale.

Among corporate organizations that provide employees with the choice of their work devices, Mac leads.

Employee choice*

In 72% of cases, employees choose Mac, while only 28% prefer Windows-based computers.

or by 5% increases work productivity due to employee comfort.



from the Fortune 500 list have Apple devices.

hours per year


of companies

*Source: Jamf Survey «The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience» 2018

Today, there are over 1 billion Apple product users worldwide.

1 000 000 000


78% of employees believe that access to technologies they like makes them more productive.*

Apple devices provide high speed and quick response in task execution, increasing employee efficiency.

High performance

The reliability and stability of Apple devices prevent downtime and disruptions, ensuring continuous company operations.

Smooth operation

Thanks to Apple's mobile devices, employees can work from anywhere in the world, increasing flexibility and business process productivity.

Mobility and flexibility

*Source: Tech.pinions / Creative Strategies — “Millennials will Drive the Digital Transformation of the Workplace”, “The 2015 Millennials Majority Workforce Study”, “Millennials at Work

Using Apple devices reduces costs for additional software and maintenance due to built-in features and device reliability.

Cost reduction


The Apple ecosystem includes all devices designed by Apple, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, and easily integrates them with each other through iCloud, iMessage, AirDrop, Handoff services. This simplifies workflows and enhances team productivity. No need to download additional software or deal with settings.

Unique user experience with Apple!

Provides seamless device interaction, creating a unified environment and collaboration opportunity. Start writing an email on iPhone and finish it on Mac.

Perfect synchronization

Use one device to unlock another. Quick, easy, and secure.

Secure unlock

Provide support for the latest features and it's absolutely free.

Regular software updates

Buy once and use on all Apple devices.

Unified access to apps and subscriptions

Exchange files between Apple devices without an internet connection. Incredibly convenient.

Convenient file transfer

Send and receive messages and calls on iPhone, iPad, and Mac simultaneously. Always connected.

Messages and calls

Easy management

MDM solution Jamf allows you to remotely connect, configure, and protect corporate devices and the information stored on them. Just imagine: in one click, you can deploy and manage entire fleets - Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, without even touching them.

Fast and easy registration of corporate Mac devices in MDM.

Deployment of corporate content.

Provision of administrative permissions.

MDM solutions (Jamf)

Fill out the form and get a solution to manage corporate devices in one click.


This is a more secure and simple way to log into the system than passwords. Encrypted and protected from phishing and website leakage, they are stronger than all common types of two-factor authentication.

Access keys

Safari automatically protects your privacy while browsing, working in conjunction with Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which prevents advertisers from tracking your online behavior.

Intelligent tracking prevention

Allows you to unlock MacBook, automatically enter a password, use Apple Pay, and load an application with one touch.

Touch ID

Encrypts all your data for additional security. So whatever you do, Mac helps keep your corporate information secure.


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