Windows 10 pro based Prestigio MultiBoard interactive panels with Ultra HD touch screen is a complete solution for business and education, which increases work efficiency and significantly increases the level of interaction in lessons and meetings.

All-in-one device - screen, built-in computer, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, necessary software.
Increase the productivity of your meetings and training process

Giant Benefits

Ultra HD technology guarantees high quality picture output.
Up to a 98” screen, a powerful computer, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers and all the software you need, all in one device.
Complete solution - all in one
Prestigio MultiBoard has a durable aluminum body and 4 mm tempered glass. You can use it in public places without fear of accidental damage.
Protected body
Best-in-class touch technology that supports 20 simultaneous touches. Equally fast response: no matter if one or more people are working on the screen.
20 touch points
To get the most out of interactive screens, the MultiBoard Prestigio is preloaded with specially designed applications for education, conferences and meetings.

Experience the possibilities of Prestigio MultiBoard

For business management
The interactive panel is used for presentations, meetings, video conferences and trainings.
Host meetings from anywhere in the world.
Add annotations, comments and text right on your slides to make your presentation interactive.
Present a business idea and discuss with partners in other countries.
Show graphs, tables and videos, print and send to other devices.
To organize the educational process
Draw and write directly on the board! Create and disassemble any 3D model, from a frog to a rocket.
Connect all devices, create lessons and manage the learning process.
Share your solution with the rest of the students without getting up.
Invite lecturers from all over the world.

Software for all types of tasks

Interactive panels Prestigio MultiBoard come with built-in software that allows you to solve any problem. In addition, the Prestigio multiboard is essentially a screen with a built-in computer and two pre-installed operating systems Windows and Android. And this means that you can expand its capabilities at any time by installing any necessary additional software.
Application for interactive presentations in offices, classrooms, university classrooms, conference rooms. It is possible to add annotations, comments and text directly on the slides. Involves in the topic of the presentation, increases the perception of the material
Negotiations and group discussions
A simple application for collaborating on graphics with the ability to export finished documents to universal jpg or pdf formats
Documents and charts
Wireless classroom management application that allows you to connect student devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs) to the teacher's device (MultiBoard or PC), create a curriculum and manage the educational process
Ability to add and edit your own content, create lessons and presentations in real time. Advanced on-screen content control gestures (support for MS Office documents)
A platform that brings together chats, meetings, notes, attachments and webinars. Educators can now get O365 and Teams for FREE for distance learning. You can access the service by filling out the registration form here
MS Teams
Remote control from a smartphone or tablet based on Android and iOS. Secure content management on Multiboard will make trainings and presentations even more effective
Content Management
Interactive educational software designed specifically for the Prestigio MultiBoard interactive panel. Within one license, you will get access to a library of school textbooks, images, 3D drawings and games
Optimal software for conferences, trainings and interactive presentations


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